La Plaza

Perceptiv was selected to develop a wide array of branding and marketing materials surrounding the grand opening of L.A.’s newest cultural destination, La Plaza. The work held special significance as the institution was the pet project of one of the L.A. County Board of Supervisors. As a result, our team was integrally immersed in all facets of the opening, ranging from grand opening gala invitations, tickets, and programs to membership development and the opening advertising campaign. Our scope of work further expanded to include an array of environmental signage, an oversized development brochure, and a display that help to enlighten potential corporate sponsors to the unique La Plaza story—one that spans cultural boundaries and offers visitors a glimpse into L.A.’s untold past, present and future.

Identity & Brand Development
Web Development
Collateral & Marketing

La Plaza Poster
La Plaza Fence
La Plaza Billboard
La Plaza Backdrop
La Plaza Signage