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Because we can’t show you the work we’ll do for you, we’ll do the next best thing—we’ll show you the thinking we’ve done for other clients. Small sampling. Big ideas.

The Team

Craig Rettig

Partner. People Person. Strategist. For over 25 years, Craig has won over clients by going the extra mile to get results for clients ranging from automotive to high tech. Along the way, he’s earned recognition from the American Advertising Federation, and the City of L.A. In the office, his mad juggling skills come in handy for his jack-of-all-trades role.

Dave Schwartz

With a sense of humor—and irony—Dave has amassed over 30 years of creative, client, and agency oversight on everything from Kahluá to crying babies. As a natural problem solver, he comes to the rescue almost daily for both clients and staff. And even after all these years, Dave still admits to being in awe of the creative process—it’s what keeps him.

Aaron King

Aaron is the guy asking, “Why?”. Digging for the answer ensures he’s crafting solutions that authentically connect with audiences to surpass goals and achieve objectives. From art galleries to auto shows, Aaron has art directed, designed, and produced a wide array of work across just about every medium. Which leads us to ask, “What more could you want in a creative?”

Roxanne Rodriguez

As a digital native, Roxanne brings her innate sense of design and impressive skill set to projects ranging from video and animation to social media and print. Hiding underneath her smiling, easy-going exterior beats the heart of a super organized, take-charge team player who’s always ready to take on any challenge that comes her way.

Nathan Seron

Nathan lives by the numbers, so everything is pixel perfect, whether print or electronic. As our production manager, his almost fanatic attention to detail goes beyond the mechanics of creating communications. He questions the turn of a phrase or placement of a comma to make sure the meaning is as razor-sharp as every element of our creative output.

Dee Cratty

She can spot an errant video frame from 20 paces and balance a production budget down to the penny without a calculator. Dee manages all broadcast, video, and radio production in addition to trafficking, ensuring a smooth work-flow. Dee’s production prowess has helped sell everything from hamburgers to luxury vehicles at agencies that span the globe.

Eric Sagucio

If there were a degree in juggling, we’d be calling Eric Dr. Sagucio. As the agency project manager, he juggles numbers, projects, vendors, deadlines, and sometimes even personalities to get projects delivered on time and on budget. His unflappable manner makes him the perfect agency “hub.” To Eric, no deadline is too crazy or request too impossible to take on.

Chris Medina

Chris’ strategy for success—and life is pretty simple—work hard and be nice to people. That’s what made him an Account Planning master on accounts ranging from Chase Freedom to Sparkletts Water. When Chris isn’t strategizing on client solutions, he’s been known to teach us all a thing or two. No, literally—he’s also an adjunct professor at Cal State Fullerton.

Christian Vasquez

Couple a millennial’s point-of-view with the sensibilities of a seasoned pro, and you understand Chris. Chris enthusiastically offers his talents across the board in design, production, and even photography when the need arises. Christian adds a unique perspective to our seasoned team to ensure we’re reaching every audience with an authentic voice.

Gary Davis

With over 40 years of Fortune 1000 client experience, Gary is both a marketing magician as well as one in the literal sense. Astounding card tricks and new business acumen are both responsible for attracting new clients to the agency. Gary is a graduate of USC and received his inspiration to join the ad/design world through his classes with Jay Chiat, founder of Chiat/Day.

Michele McCarthy

Creative guru. Account doyen. Michele wears many hats and looks excellent in all of them. Over Michele’s illustrious career, she has lead teams, owned firms, and launched hundreds of marketing campaigns for clients ranging from The Getty to the Los Angeles Public Library. Michele has her Bachelor of Fine Arts, but we think it’s more excellent than fine.

Andre Verona

Andre is Perceptiv’s programming prodigy. He speaks fluent code and Portuguese. Nothing phases him – really. Andre’s unique ability to bridge the worlds of design and programming ensures that we deliver digital solutions that look, feel, and behave like what we’ve envisioned. Andre has achieved the perfect combination of zeroes and ones countless times.

We’re Perceptiv, we can tell there’s something you need help with. We’re standing by.

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