Patrick Ivison

San Diego, CA

University of Southern California

Spring 2016

Patrick was a very active child when on September 24, 1995 he was walking home with his mom. A distracted driver didn’t see them passing behind the car and the back bumper clipped Patrick and pulled him under the car. When his mom pulled him from beneath the car there was no pulse and he had stopped breathing. A witness to the accident rushed over and began CPR and mouth to mouth resuscitation. He revived before the paramedics arrived and was life-flighted to Childrens Hospital where he was diagnosed with a C4-C5 incomplete spinal cord injury. Patrick tried every adapted sports he could find but surfing became his passion. He was able to travel the world for competitions and has competed in the US Open of Surfing every year since 2006. Through Project Walk he met Betsy and Mike Thomas and learned about Swim With Mike. He attended his first Swim With Mike while still in the 6th grade and has attended every event since then, including Swim With Mike San Diego. A Cinematic Arts major Patrick hopes to pursue a career in movie making.

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