Nathanial Miller

Burlington, WI

University of Arizona

Spring 2016

Nate Miller started his sports life playing Little League Baseball in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. As a child he became fascinated with building construction. He wrestled for Waukesha South High School. It was something he was good at, but at the time he saw no future in sports. He withdrew from high school prior to graduation to work in construction. On July 7, 2002 his life changed forever when a dive into a shallow lake resulted in a spinal cord injury and incomplete quadriplegia. Hard work in rehabilitation has allowed him to ambulate with a walker and braces but he uses a wheelchair for daily use. While still in the hospital Nate met a wheelchair rugby player who encouraged him to try the sport. Immediately he was hooked and this new sport became a major focus in his life along with completing his diploma and an A.A.S in Architectural Technology with honors. With a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Arizona, Nate intends to continue his career with an emphasis on developing sustainable architecture.

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