Kevin Law

Salt Lake City, UT

University of Arizona

Computer Science

Kevin was born and raised in Salt Lake City. He enjoyed baseball, football skiing and all sorts of outdoor activities. When Kevin was 13, he and his friends decided to celebrate by doing something a little crazy. They took a large cardboard box, filled it with foam, taped it onto a long skateboard and rode in it down a big hill. All was going well until on Kevin’s last ride he somehow got turned around backward, making it impossible to steer. At the bottom of the hill, he hit a parked car, breaking his back and leaving him a T-11 paraplegic. Kevin didn’t slow down for long, he just changed the rules switching sports to mono skiing and racing go-carts. He has been working the past two summers for Electronic Arts as a video games tester and plans on expanding his opportunities by majoring in Computer Science at the University of Arizona.

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