Kei Usami

Darien, CT

Fordham University

Spring 2013

Kei was born in Tokyo, Japan, is bilingual and hopes to use his business administration degree from Fordham University to work in international companies. He played tennis at the USTA and high school levels and while he was highly ranked he didn’t think that college tennis was in his future so he enrolled in the best business school he could find. While walking by the tennis courts during the first week of classes he saw the tennis team practicing and asked the coach if he could try out. He made the team and after two and a half years he made the starting squad and won both singles and doubles titles. On February 20, 2011 Kei fell out of the top bunk in his dorm room resulting in a spinal cord injury at the C6/C7 level. He returned to school to complete his degree and while his life is vastly different than it was before, Kei’s future is bright due to his determination and preparation.

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