Greg Thomas

Middletown, CT


Spring 2016

As is typical for an 11 year old boy, Greg spent Christmas eve of 2004 opening presents and playing video games with family and friends. When he woke on Christmas morning with lower back pain his parents attributed it to all the sitting on the floor. As a numb sensation began to travel up one leg and then the other the family immediately rushed to the emergency room. After a few days he was unable to breathe and was diagnosed with Transverse Myelytis. Greg went from a very active young athlete who played baseball, soccer, basketball, football, hockey and loved swimming to a kid in a wheelchair. After three months in the hospital where he had intensive therapy and kept up with school through tutoring he was able to move his toes. That gave him the motivation to work very hard on his strength and he gained the ability to walk short distances with crutches. Graduating from high school as a member of the National Honor Society the business major plans on a full recovery and knows that his future is bright.

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