Cory Greenbaum

Stanford University

B.A. Symbolic Systems, Fall 2016

Life before Cory’s injury seemed pretty normal to him. As the third child out of four in a very active family, Cory started playing basketball and soccer at the age of six and tennis at eight. His mom would not allow him to play football but as a New York native, he became a huge fan of the Yankees, Giants, and Knicks. At the age of 13, Cory was in an auto accident that resulted in a C4-C5 spinal cord injury and quadriplegia. The accident took the life of the driver and changed Cory’s life forever. Training turned to rehabilitation and a renewed focus on academics. His life became more intense resulting in several high-level internships and admission to Stanford University where he became the fifth Cardinal Swim With Mike scholarship recipient. Cory took on a leadership role for Swim With Mike—Stanford working with SWM alum Molly Fausone, the Stanford Men’s Volleyball team, and the Cardinal Council.

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